BizClik Media Group announces the results of its charity football fundraising
Jack Goddard • Dec 8, 2021

Norwich, Norfolk, Wednesday 8 December 2021 - BizClik Media Group is delighted to announce the results of our fundraising for the charity football competition the company hosted at The Nest in September this year.

The event raised £6,255 in total, and this money has been split between two charities - Thera Trust East Anglia and The Benjamin Foundation.

Thera Trust works to support people with a learning disability at home, in the community, and at work. The Benjamin Foundation helps children and young people in Norfolk and Suffolk with issues such as homelessness, family crises, and bullying. 

Joshua Antcliff, Fundraising Officer at The Benjamin Foundation, told us;

"Thank you ever so much for your support and raising a fantastic total of £3,030.65 for vulnerable young people throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Your event was so well-organised and I really enjoyed visiting it and seeing so much kindness from our local community.

"Your generous gift could help to create stronger, empowered individuals who finally feel supported to cope with their unique challenges. Young people like James, 19, who said:

"The Benjamin Foundation has given me complete independence and control over my life, and given me a place to call home. I’ve learned how to cook and maintain my tenancy by budgeting and setting up my utilities for my new flat. I now feel optimistic about my future. Your support means I can move onto the next stages of my life confident I can manage.”

BizClik Media Group looks forward to hosting its next charity football tournament in 2022.