BizClik Media launches the August edition of Energy Magazine
• Jack Hill • Aug 12, 2022

The August edition of Energy Magazine includes interviews with leading experts and executives from NAES Corporation.

​​It wasn’t that long ago that you’d have struggled to read offshore and digital in the same sentence – there was plenty of water between the energy and technology sectors. 

But, with the wind now firmly behind renewables and technology’s ever-growing importance, there has been a widespread commercial realisation of their interdependence.

Digital and data hold the key to generating efficiencies and spurring us towards net-zero goals.

The Offshore Energy Data Strategy Taskforce recently set out seven key recommendations that will enable the digitalisation of offshore energy – spanning oil, gas, and renewables – and create conditions for better data sharing and digitalisation initiatives.

Essentially, it takes a more proactive approach to data sharing, but it’s important the commitment to collaboration grows. 

As such, every operator and supplier must embrace the recommendations and support cross-sector digitalisation. 

The future of the industry, and our economic and environmental prosperity, may very well depend on it.

Norwich, August 4th, 2022 - BizClik Media Group, the UK’s fastest growing publishing company, has published the August edition of energy Magazine . 

The digital edition of Energy Magazine  is a trusted industry source for in-depth reports and interviews with the leading minds in the Energy industry. 

This month’s edition features an extensive lead interview with Mark Holtermann of NAES Corporation Centres, about how the company is responding to the changing technological landscape in the energy sector. 

“There's lots and lots of opportunity for traditional automation, as well as leveraging AI and advanced analytics to be able to put some core algorithms together that will help us identify trends.”

Dominic Ellis, Editor in Chief of Energy Magazine, commented: “Digital and data hold the key to generating efficiencies and spurring us towards net-zero goals.”  

You can visit for daily news and analysis of the ever-changing Energy industry, or click here to read the digital magazine. 

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