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Sharing and telling the stories about the world’s largest and most innovative companies is at the heart of what we do.

All BizClik Company Reports are carefully crafted, each offering unique insight into the practices and strategic thinking to how leading businesses operate and succeed. 

We talk to the executives behind this success to discover the challenges they've faced, solutions they've implemented and key partners they work with to drive innovation.

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Working with BizClik is easy. Below outlines how we collaborate to deliver your story to our global audience. 

Step 1

Executive Interview

With an interview date agreed with the production team, our editor steps in to curate the interview questions. Your executive will be guided through a 30-45 minute video interview to cover all the questions and gather the basis for the written report as well as the footage required for the video.

Step 2

Video Production

They say a picture speaks a thousand words - well a video is 300x times stickier. We give our audience the chance to not only read your story, but watch it too. Our expert team of video producers create a unique video from your interview to be used within the final company report. 

Step 3

Magazine Distribution

Once the article and video have been approved by your team, the content and creative elements will be designed into a ‘Digital Storyboard’ which will be placed inside the magazine and distributed across the magazine’s digital touchpoints.

Step 4

Digital Report Asset

Your interview will be repurposed with a fully branded front and back cover to build your custom Digital Report Asset. This can be used internally, externally, and for any marketing purposes you see fit. The report can be used as fantastic case study and testimonial content.

Step 5


Post publication, your interview will be promoted across our websites, social media channels, newsletter, data base and PR channels. Our marketing team will work with yours to ensure the maximum promotion and reach possible.

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Every story starts somewhere.

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